Bantam A, Divisions, Cambridge roadrunners 25th Annual New Years’ Challenge Cup Girls Hockey Tournament (Cambridge roadrunners Girls' Hockey Association)

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Bantam A
Group Schedule & Results
DivisionGame #TimeVenueVisitorResultHome
Friday, January 18, 2019
BA-A (XOVER)129:00 AMPAUD Ottawa IceCambridge roadrunners
BA-C (XOVER)2110:00 AMHESP1 Aurora Panthers BlueSaugeen Maitland Lightning
BA-B (XOVER)2810:15 AMSPS Little Caesars Farmington HillsWoodstock Wildcats
BA-C (XOVER)2910:30 AMHESP2 Aurora Panthers RedLakeshore Lightning
BA-C (XOVER)3211:00 AMGALT Napanee CrunchSSM Wildcats
BA-D (XOVER)3611:15 AMKARL Nepean WildcatsOakville Hornets
BA-A (XOVER)773:45 PMHESP1 Nepean WildcatsAurora Panthers Red
BA-B (XOVER)784:00 PMPAUD Ottawa IceNapanee Crunch
BA-D (XOVER)794:15 PMHESP2 Woodstock WildcatsAurora Panthers Blue
BA-C (XOVER)865:15 PMHESP1 Oakville HornetsLakeshore Lightning
BA-C (XOVER)875:30 PMPAUD Cambridge roadrunnersSSM Wildcats
BA-C (XOVER)895:45 PMHESP2 Little Caesars Farmington HillsSaugeen Maitland Lightning
Saturday, January 19, 2019
BA-A (XOVER)1319:00 AMPAUD Napanee CrunchCambridge roadrunners
BA-D (XOVER)1339:00 AMMALL SSM WildcatsOttawa Ice
BA-B (XOVER)1349:00 AMDICKSON Lakeshore LightningNepean Wildcats
BA-B (XOVER)1359:00 AMDUNCAN Saugeen Maitland LightningWoodstock Wildcats
BA-A (XOVER)1369:00 AMSPN Aurora Panthers BlueLittle Caesars Farmington Hills
BA-D (XOVER)1399:30 AMSPS Aurora Panthers RedOakville Hornets
BA-E1762:00 PMHESP1 3rd Pool C2nd Pool C
BA-E1772:30 PMPAUD 3rd Pool A2nd Pool A
BA-E1792:30 PMHESP2 3rd Pool D2nd Pool D
BA-E1823:00 PMMALL 3rd Pool B2nd Pool B
BA-QF2228:00 PMDICKSON GM176 Winner1st Pool C
BA-QF2238:00 PMDUNCAN GM179 Winner1st Pool D
BA-QF2258:15 PMMALL GM177 Winner1st Pool A
BA-QF2268:30 PMKARL GM182 Winner1st Pool B
Sunday, January 20, 2019
BA-SF2499:30 AMSPN GM222 WinnerGM223 Winner
BA-SF2509:45 AMSPS GM225 WinnerGM226 Winner
BA-Gold2732:30 PMHESP2 GM249 WinnerGM250 Winner
BA-Bronze2743:00 PMSPN GM249 LoserGM250 Loser
Venue(s) In This Schedule
  • MALL - Cambridge Ice Centre, 355 Hespeler Rd., Cambridge, ON
  • SPN - Cambridge Sports Park North, 1001 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, ON
  • SPS - Cambridge Sports Park South, 1001 Franklin Blvd., Cambridge, ON
  • DICKSON - Dickson, 30 Parkhill Rd. W., Cambridge, ON
  • DUNCAN - Duncan McIntosh, 200 Christopher Dr., Cambridge, ON
  • GALT - Galt, 98 Shade St., Cambridge, ON
  • HESP1 - Hespeler 1, 640 Ellis Rd. W., Cambridge, ON
  • HESP2 - Hespeler 2, 640 Ellis Rd. W., Cambridge, ON
  • KARL - Karl Homuth, 1407 Hamilton St., Cambridge, ON
  • PAUD - Preston, 1458 Hamilton St., Cambridge, ON

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