Schedule & Results, Cambridge roadrunners 23rd Annual New Years Challenge Girls Hockey Tournament 2017, 2016-2017 (Cambridge roadrunners Girls' Hockey Association)

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Friday, January 20, 2017
ABB-A (XOVER)18:00 AMHESP1 North Halton Twisters2-0Clarington Flames
NHL-A148:00 AMDICKSON Clarington White Lightning3-1Wilmot Wolverines
NHL-B158:00 AMDUNCAN Woolwich Girls LL#20-7Mooretown Lady Flags
AA-A (XOVER)28:00 AMMALL Wilmot Wolverines1-0Peterborough Ice Kats
AA-A (XOVER)38:00 AMGALT Ancaster Avalanche4-2Cambridge roadrunners
AB-A (XOVER)48:00 AMSPORTSN Wilmot Wolverines0-3Hamilton Hawks
ABB-A (XOVER)58:00 AMSWS Lakeshore Lightning1-5Clearview Icecats
AB-A (XOVER)68:15 AMSPORTSS Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-2Ancaster Avalanche
ABB-A (XOVER)78:15 AMSWP Grand River Mustangs5-3Waterloo Ravens
AA-A (XOVER)88:30 AMHESP2 Stratford Aces1-0Aurora Panthers
NB 109:00 AMPAUD Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-5Sudbury Lady Wolves
PHL-B119:00 AMKARL Waterloo Ravens 24-0Lindsay Lynx
PA-B129:00 AMMALL North Bay Ice Boltz1-1Lakeshore Lightning
PA-A139:00 AMGALT Saugeen Maitland Lightning4-0North York Storm
AB-A (XOVER)169:00 AMSPORTSN Cambridge roadrunners4-1Lindsay Lynx
BBB-A179:00 AMSWS Ottawa Ice0-1Windsor Wildcats
NHL-A269:00 AMDICKSON Burlington Purple Bulls2-0Cambridge roadrunners Teal
NHL-B279:00 AMDUNCAN Cambridge roadrunners Grey4-2Cambridge roadrunners White
PAA-A99:00 AMHESP1 Oshawa Lady Generals0-5Etobicoke Dolphins
PHL-A189:15 AMSPORTSS Ancaster Avalanche Blue2-5Cambridge roadrunners Teal
BBB-B199:15 AMSWP Clarington Flames2-0North Bay Ice Boltz
PAA-B209:30 AMHESP2 Mississauga Chiefs1-0Aurora Panthers
PAA-A2110:00 AMHESP1 Ottawa Ice2-1Cambridge roadrunners
NB 2210:00 AMPAUD Barrie Sharks5-0Cambridge roadrunners
PHL-B2310:00 AMKARL Ancaster Avalanche Maroon4-1Cambridge roadrunners White
PA-B2410:00 AMMALL Peterborough Ice Kats1-3Oakville Hornets
PA-A2510:00 AMGALT Chatham Outlaws2-4Cambridge roadrunners
BHL2810:00 AMSPORTSN Mississauga Chiefs0-6Grand River Mustangs
BBB-A2910:00 AMSWS Hamilton Hawks0-4Cambridge roadrunners
AHL-A (XOVER)3810:00 AMDICKSON Oakville Panthers1-3Cambridge roadrunners Black
AHL-A (XOVER)3910:00 AMDUNCAN Burlington Red Dragons3-2Cambridge roadrunners Teal
PHL-A3010:15 AMSPORTSS Waterloo Ravens 31-2Mooretown Lady Flags
BBB-B3110:15 AMSWP Lakeshore Lightning0-3Ancaster Avalanche
PAA-B3210:30 AMHESP2 Sudbury Lady Wolves1-1Stoney Creek Sabres
BA-A3311:00 AMHESP1 Windsor Wildcats2-0Clarington Flames
MB3411:00 AMPAUD North Bay Ice Boltz4-0Woolwich Wild
BB-A3511:00 AMKARL North Halton Twisters0-1Peterborough Ice Kats
PBB3611:00 AMMALL Windsor Wildcats0-2Hamilton Hawks
PB-A (XOVER)3711:00 AMGALT Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-1Lakeshore Lightning
BHL4011:00 AMSPORTSN London Silver1-2Cambridge roadrunners
PB-A (XOVER)4111:00 AMSWS Twin Centre Hericanes5-0Sudbury Lady Wolves
AHL-B (XOVER)5011:00 AMDUNCAN London White Fangs6-1Cambridge roadrunners White
BB-B4211:15 AMSPORTSS Lindsay Lynx0-3Belleville Bearcats
BA-B4311:15 AMSWP Brantford Ice Cats1-3Sudbury Lady Wolves
MA-A4411:30 AMHESP2 Sudbury Lady Wolves4-0Troy Sting
BA-A4512:00 PMHESP1 North Halton Twisters1-4Cambridge roadrunners
MB4612:00 PMPAUD Niagara Rapids0-4Cambridge roadrunners
BB-A4712:00 PMKARL West Oxford Inferno5-0Cambridge roadrunners
PBB4812:00 PMMALL Wilmot Wolverines0-1Peterborough Ice Kats
PB-B (XOVER)4912:00 PMGALT North Bay Ice Boltz3-5Cambridge roadrunners
BB-B5112:00 PMSPORTSN Grand River Mustangs1-3Guelph Jr. Gryphons
IA-A5212:00 PMSWS Kitchener Lady Rangers2-0Etobicoke Dolphins
M/INT-A (XOVER)5312:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners INT2-0Sudbury Chicks with Sticks
BA-B5412:15 PMSWP Oshawa Lady Generals0-2Saugeen Maitland Lightning
MA-B5512:30 PMHESP2 Bluewater Hawks0-0Aurora Panthers
IA-B561:00 PMHESP1 Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-5Whitby Wolves
AA-B (XOVER)571:00 PMPAUD Peterborough Ice Kats1-0Ancaster Avalanche
ABB-B (XOVER)581:00 PMKARL Waterloo Ravens0-5Lakeshore Lightning
NHL-A591:00 PMMALL Wilmot Wolverines0-10Burlington Purple Bulls
MA-B601:00 PMGALT Waterloo Ravens1-5North Bay Ice Boltz
M/INT-A (XOVER)611:00 PMSPORTSN Burlington Green5-2Cambridge roadrunners MID
IA-B621:00 PMSWS Saugeen Maitland Lightning1-1St. Catharines Jr. Badgers
NHL-B631:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners Grey0-7Mooretown Lady Flags
M/INT-A (XOVER)641:15 PMSWP Waterloo Ravens 31-3Lakeshore Lightning
IA-A651:30 PMHESP2 Troy Sting1-6Cambridge roadrunners
BBB-A662:00 PMHESP1 Windsor Wildcats2-2Hamilton Hawks
AA-B (XOVER)672:00 PMPAUD Aurora Panthers0-12Wilmot Wolverines
ABB-B (XOVER)682:00 PMKARL Clarington Flames0-2Grand River Mustangs
AB-B (XOVER)692:00 PMMALL Hamilton Hawks6-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
MA-A702:00 PMGALT Etobicoke Dolphins2-2Cambridge roadrunners
ABB-B (XOVER)712:00 PMDICKSON Clearview Icecats5-0North Halton Twisters
NHL-A722:00 PMDUNCAN Cambridge roadrunners Teal0-1Clarington White Lightning
NHL-B732:00 PMSPORTSN Cambridge roadrunners White0-4Woolwich Girls LL#2
PA-B742:00 PMSWS Ancaster Avalanche0-4Lakeshore Lightning
PHL-A752:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners Teal1-1Waterloo Ravens 3
PA-A762:15 PMSWP Aurora Panthers0-3Saugeen Maitland Lightning
BBB-B772:30 PMHESP2 Ancaster Avalanche1-0Clarington Flames
BBB-B783:00 PMHESP1 North Bay Ice Boltz0-1Lakeshore Lightning
AA-B (XOVER)793:00 PMPAUD Cambridge roadrunners3-3Stratford Aces
PBB803:00 PMKARL Hamilton Hawks1-6Sudbury Lady Wolves
AHL-B (XOVER)813:00 PMMALL Cambridge roadrunners Black1-2Burlington Red Dragons
AB-B (XOVER)823:00 PMGALT Lindsay Lynx1-0Wilmot Wolverines
PHL-B833:00 PMDICKSON Ancaster Avalanche Maroon4-0Lindsay Lynx
NB 843:00 PMDUNCAN Barrie Sharks6-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
BHL853:00 PMSPORTSN Grand River Mustangs3-1London Silver
PA-B863:00 PMSWS North Bay Ice Boltz3-0Peterborough Ice Kats
PHL-A873:15 PMSPORTSS Ancaster Avalanche Blue4-1Mooretown Lady Flags
PA-A883:15 PMSWP North York Storm0-2Chatham Outlaws
BBB-A893:30 PMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners1-1Ottawa Ice
PAA-A904:00 PMHESP1 Etobicoke Dolphins2-0Ottawa Ice
BB-A914:00 PMPAUD West Oxford Inferno2-2Peterborough Ice Kats
BB-B924:00 PMKARL Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-1Lindsay Lynx
MB934:00 PMMALL Woolwich Wild0-2Niagara Rapids
AB-B (XOVER)944:00 PMGALT Ancaster Avalanche2-1Cambridge roadrunners
PHL-B954:00 PMDICKSON Cambridge roadrunners White2-0Waterloo Ravens 2
NB 964:00 PMDUNCAN Cambridge roadrunners0-6Sudbury Lady Wolves
BHL974:00 PMSPORTSN Cambridge roadrunners4-1Mississauga Chiefs
PB-B (XOVER)984:00 PMSWS Lakeshore Lightning1-4Twin Centre Hericanes
AHL-A (XOVER)994:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners White0-5Cambridge roadrunners Teal
PAA-B1004:30 PMHESP2 Mississauga Chiefs2-1Stoney Creek Sabres
BA-A1015:00 PMHESP1 North Halton Twisters1-4Clarington Flames
BB-A1025:00 PMPAUD Cambridge roadrunners2-1North Halton Twisters
BB-B1035:00 PMKARL Belleville Bearcats5-0Grand River Mustangs
MB1045:00 PMMALL Cambridge roadrunners1-2North Bay Ice Boltz
AHL-A (XOVER)1055:00 PMSPORTSN Oakville Panthers1-3London White Fangs
PB-A (XOVER)1065:15 PMSPORTSS Guelph Jr. Gryphons4-1North Bay Ice Boltz
BA-B1075:30 PMHESP2 Brantford Ice Cats2-1Oshawa Lady Generals
BA-A1086:00 PMHESP1 Cambridge roadrunners1-1Windsor Wildcats
PAA-A1096:00 PMPAUD Cambridge roadrunners1-0Oshawa Lady Generals
PAA-B1106:00 PMKARL Aurora Panthers2-1Sudbury Lady Wolves
M/INT-B (XOVER)1116:00 PMMALL Sudbury Chicks with Sticks0-2Waterloo Ravens 3
PBB1126:00 PMSPORTSN Peterborough Ice Kats1-1Windsor Wildcats
PB-A (XOVER)1136:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners3-1Sudbury Lady Wolves
BA-B1146:30 PMHESP2 Sudbury Lady Wolves2-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning
IA-A1157:00 PMHESP1 Etobicoke Dolphins7-0Troy Sting
PA-B1167:00 PMKARL Oakville Hornets1-4Ancaster Avalanche
M/INT-B (XOVER)1177:00 PMMALL Lakeshore Lightning2-2Burlington Green
PBB1187:00 PMSPORTSN Sudbury Lady Wolves2-0Wilmot Wolverines
MA-B1197:15 PMSPORTSS Aurora Panthers1-2Waterloo Ravens
IA-B1207:30 PMHESP2 St. Catharines Jr. Badgers2-0Whitby Wolves
IA-B1218:00 PMHESP1 Saugeen Maitland Lightning0-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PA-A1228:00 PMKARL Cambridge roadrunners2-1Aurora Panthers
M/INT-B (XOVER)1238:00 PMMALL Cambridge roadrunners MID0-4Cambridge roadrunners INT
MA-B1248:00 PMSPORTSN North Bay Ice Boltz3-1Bluewater Hawks
MA-A1258:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners2-3Sudbury Lady Wolves
IA-A1268:30 PMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners0-1Kitchener Lady Rangers
MA-A1279:00 PMSPORTSN Troy Sting1-4Etobicoke Dolphins
Saturday, January 21, 2017
PA-A1287:00 AMHESP1 North York Storm0-0Aurora Panthers
AB-A (XOVER)1297:00 AMPAUD Wilmot Wolverines1-2Ancaster Avalanche
AB-A (XOVER)1307:00 AMKARL Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-1Lindsay Lynx
AA-A (XOVER)1317:00 AMGALT Ancaster Avalanche8-3Aurora Panthers
NHL-A1327:00 AMDICKSON Wilmot Wolverines0-1Cambridge roadrunners Teal
NHL-B1337:00 AMDUNCAN Mooretown Lady Flags7-0Cambridge roadrunners White
PA-B1347:00 AMSPORTSN Lakeshore Lightning3-2Oakville Hornets
PA-A1357:15 AMSPORTSS Chatham Outlaws4-3Saugeen Maitland Lightning
PA-B1367:30 AMHESP2 Peterborough Ice Kats1-1Ancaster Avalanche
PAA-A1378:00 AMHESP1 Oshawa Lady Generals0-6Ottawa Ice
ABB-A (XOVER)1388:00 AMPAUD Lakeshore Lightning3-1Clarington Flames
AB-B (XOVER)1398:00 AMKARL Hamilton Hawks2-2Cambridge roadrunners
PBB1408:00 AMMALL Sudbury Lady Wolves2-1Peterborough Ice Kats
AA-A (XOVER)1418:00 AMGALT Stratford Aces1-0Peterborough Ice Kats
NHL-A1428:00 AMDICKSON Clarington White Lightning0-2Burlington Purple Bulls
AHL-B (XOVER)1438:00 AMDUNCAN London White Fangs1-2Burlington Red Dragons
PAA-A1448:00 AMSPORTSN Etobicoke Dolphins0-1Cambridge roadrunners
PAA-B1458:15 AMSPORTSS Stoney Creek Sabres1-1Aurora Panthers
PAA-B1468:30 AMHESP2 Sudbury Lady Wolves0-1Mississauga Chiefs
BA-A1479:00 AMHESP1 Windsor Wildcats6-1North Halton Twisters
ABB-A (XOVER)1489:00 AMPAUD North Halton Twisters1-1Waterloo Ravens
ABB-A (XOVER)1499:00 AMKARL Grand River Mustangs4-3Clearview Icecats
AHL-A (XOVER)1509:00 AMMALL Cambridge roadrunners White0-7Cambridge roadrunners Black
AA-B (XOVER)1519:00 AMGALT Cambridge roadrunners0-4Wilmot Wolverines
NHL-B1529:00 AMDICKSON Woolwich Girls LL#24-4Cambridge roadrunners Grey
AHL-B (XOVER)1539:00 AMDUNCAN Cambridge roadrunners Teal2-6Oakville Panthers
PHL-A1549:00 AMSPORTSN Waterloo Ravens 33-3Ancaster Avalanche Blue
PHL-B1559:15 AMSPORTSS Waterloo Ravens 24-1Ancaster Avalanche Maroon
BA-B1569:30 AMHESP2 Sudbury Lady Wolves0-0Oshawa Lady Generals
BA-A15710:00 AMHESP1 Clarington Flames0-2Cambridge roadrunners
BBB-A15810:00 AMPAUD Ottawa Ice3-2Hamilton Hawks
BBB-B15910:00 AMKARL Ancaster Avalanche2-0North Bay Ice Boltz
NB 16010:00 AMMALL Sudbury Lady Wolves5-2Barrie Sharks
BB-B16110:00 AMDICKSON Belleville Bearcats2-0Guelph Jr. Gryphons
BB-A16210:00 AMDUNCAN North Halton Twisters0-6West Oxford Inferno
PHL-A16310:00 AMSPORTSN Mooretown Lady Flags2-1Cambridge roadrunners Teal
PHL-B16410:15 AMSPORTSS Lindsay Lynx1-6Cambridge roadrunners White
BA-B16510:30 AMHESP2 Saugeen Maitland Lightning 3-2Brantford Ice Cats
MA-A16611:00 AMHESP1 Sudbury Lady Wolves1-1Etobicoke Dolphins
BBB-A16711:00 AMPAUD Windsor Wildcats3-4Cambridge roadrunners
BBB-B16811:00 AMKARL Lakeshore Lightning3-3Clarington Flames
NB 16911:00 AMMALL Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-0Cambridge roadrunners
BB-B17011:00 AMDICKSON Grand River Mustangs2-3Lindsay Lynx
BB-A17111:00 AMDUNCAN Peterborough Ice Kats1-0Cambridge roadrunners
BHL17211:00 AMSPORTSN Grand River Mustangs2-0Cambridge roadrunners
BHL17311:15 AMSPORTSS London Silver3-2Mississauga Chiefs
MA-B17411:30 AMHESP2 North Bay Ice Boltz1-0Aurora Panthers
MA-A17512:00 PMHESP1 Troy Sting2-4Cambridge roadrunners
PA-A17612:00 PMPAUD Aurora Panthers1-1Chatham Outlaws
PA-B17712:00 PMKARL Oakville Hornets1-1North Bay Ice Boltz
PBB17812:00 PMMALL Wilmot Wolverines2-1Windsor Wildcats
AB-SF17912:00 PMDICKSON Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-3Cambridge roadrunners
PB-B (XOVER)18012:00 PMDUNCAN Lakeshore Lightning0-4Cambridge roadrunners
PB-B (XOVER)18112:00 PMSPORTSN Sudbury Lady Wolves1-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
PB-B (XOVER)18212:15 PMSPORTSS North Bay Ice Boltz0-7Twin Centre Hericanes
MA-B18312:30 PMHESP2 Bluewater Hawks0-2Waterloo Ravens
PA-B1841:00 PMHESP1 Lakeshore Lightning3-0Peterborough Ice Kats
PAA-SF1851:00 PMPAUD Aurora Panthers2-3Etobicoke Dolphins
MB1861:00 PMKARL North Bay Ice Boltz3-1Niagara Rapids
PBB1871:00 PMMALL Peterborough Ice Kats1-2Hamilton Hawks
AB-SF1881:00 PMDICKSON Ancaster Avalanche4-0Hamilton Hawks
AHL-SF1891:00 PMDUNCAN London White Fangs3-4Cambridge roadrunners Black
PAA-CON1901:00 PMSPORTSN Stoney Creek Sabres2-1Cambridge roadrunners
PAA-CON1911:15 PMSPORTSS Oshawa Lady Generals0-2Sudbury Lady Wolves
PA-A1921:30 PMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners3-2North York Storm
IA-A1932:00 PMHESP1 Troy Sting0-4Kitchener Lady Rangers
PAA-SF1942:00 PMPAUD Ottawa Ice3-4Mississauga Chiefs
MB1952:00 PMKARL Woolwich Wild0-4Cambridge roadrunners
AA-SF1962:00 PMMALL Cambridge roadrunners3-1Peterborough Ice Kats
AB-CON1972:00 PMDICKSON Wilmot Wolverines2-0Lindsay Lynx
AHL-SF1982:00 PMDUNCAN Oakville Panthers1-0Burlington Red Dragons
NHL-SF1992:00 PMSPORTSN Woolwich Girls LL#20-6Burlington Purple Bulls
ABB-SF2002:15 PMSPORTSS Waterloo Ravens2-5Clearview Icecats
IA-B2012:30 PMHESP2 Whitby Wolves2-1Saugeen Maitland Lightning
IA-A2023:00 PMHESP1 Etobicoke Dolphins1-0Cambridge roadrunners
M/INT-B (XOVER)2033:00 PMPAUD Lakeshore Lightning0-1Cambridge roadrunners INT
M/INT-A (XOVER)2043:00 PMKARL Burlington Green4-0Sudbury Chicks with Sticks
AA-SF2053:00 PMMALL Stratford Aces0-4Wilmot Wolverines
ABB-CON2063:00 PMDICKSON North Halton Twisters5-1Clarington Flames
AHL-CON2073:00 PMDUNCAN Cambridge roadrunners White1-5Cambridge roadrunners Teal
NHL-SF2083:00 PMSPORTSN Clarington White Lightning0-2Mooretown Lady Flags
ABB-SF2093:15 PMSPORTSS Lakeshore Lightning2-1Grand River Mustangs
IA-B2103:30 PMHESP2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons3-1St. Catharines Jr. Badgers
BBB-SF2114:00 PMHESP1 Clarington Flames0-1Cambridge roadrunners
M/INT-A (XOVER)2124:00 PMKARL Waterloo Ravens 30-4Cambridge roadrunners MID
AA-CON2134:00 PMMALL Ancaster Avalanche5-1Aurora Panthers
NB-SF2144:00 PMDICKSON Cambridge roadrunners1-5Sudbury Lady Wolves
NB-SF2154:00 PMDUNCAN Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-3Barrie Sharks
PHL-SF2164:00 PMSPORTSN Ancaster Avalanche Maroon4-5Mooretown Lady Flags
PHL-SF2174:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners Teal1-3Waterloo Ravens 2
BA-CON2184:15 PMSWP North Halton Twisters0-4Oshawa Lady Generals
BBB-SF2194:30 PMHESP2 Windsor Wildcats2-0Ancaster Avalanche
BBB-CON2205:00 PMHESP1 North Bay Ice Boltz2-3Hamilton Hawks
AB-Bronze2215:00 PMPAUD Guelph Jr. Gryphons2-3Hamilton Hawks
PB-SF2225:00 PMKARL Cambridge roadrunners2-4Twin Centre Hericanes
NHL-CON2235:00 PMMALL Cambridge roadrunners Grey3-8Cambridge roadrunners Teal
PA-B2245:00 PMDICKSON Ancaster Avalanche0-0North Bay Ice Boltz
PBB2255:00 PMDUNCAN Hamilton Hawks1-2Wilmot Wolverines
PHL-CON2265:00 PMSPORTSN Cambridge roadrunners White1-2Ancaster Avalanche Blue
BA-SF2275:00 PMSWS Saugeen Maitland Lightning 0-1Windsor Wildcats
PHL-CON2285:15 PMSPORTSS Waterloo Ravens 36-1Lindsay Lynx
BA-CON2295:15 PMSWP Brantford Ice Cats2-0Clarington Flames
BBB-CON2305:30 PMHESP2 Ottawa Ice2-2Lakeshore Lightning
MA-CON2316:00 PMHESP1 Troy Sting0-2Bluewater Hawks
AHL-Bronze2326:00 PMPAUD London White Fangs7-1Burlington Red Dragons
PB-SF2336:00 PMKARL Sudbury Lady Wolves0-6Lakeshore Lightning
NHL-CON2346:00 PMMALL Wilmot Wolverines4-1Cambridge roadrunners White
PA-A2356:00 PMDICKSON Saugeen Maitland Lightning1-0Cambridge roadrunners
PBB2366:00 PMDUNCAN Windsor Wildcats1-2Sudbury Lady Wolves
MB-SF2376:00 PMSPORTSN Niagara Rapids1-5Cambridge roadrunners
BA-SF2386:00 PMSWS Cambridge roadrunners0-3Sudbury Lady Wolves
BHL-SF2396:15 PMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners1-2London Silver
BB-CON2406:15 PMSWP North Halton Twisters1-2Grand River Mustangs
MA-CON2416:30 PMHESP2 Aurora Panthers2-0Cambridge roadrunners
MA-SF2427:00 PMHESP1 Waterloo Ravens2-0Sudbury Lady Wolves
AA-Bronze2437:00 PMPAUD Peterborough Ice Kats3-4Stratford Aces
NHL-Bronze2447:00 PMKARL Woolwich Girls LL#20-2Clarington White Lightning
PB-CON2457:00 PMMALL Guelph Jr. Gryphons7-3North Bay Ice Boltz
MB-SF2467:00 PMSPORTSN Woolwich Wild0-2North Bay Ice Boltz
BHL-SF2477:15 PMSPORTSS Mississauga Chiefs1-6Grand River Mustangs
IA-CON2487:15 PMSWS Cambridge roadrunners0-4St. Catharines Jr. Badgers
MA-SF2497:30 PMHESP2 Etobicoke Dolphins1-0North Bay Ice Boltz
M/INT-SF2507:30 PMDICKSON Cambridge roadrunners MID1-4Lakeshore Lightning
M/INT-SF2517:30 PMDUNCAN Burlington Green4-1Cambridge roadrunners INT
BB-SF2527:30 PMSWP Peterborough Ice Kats1-3Belleville Bearcats
IA-SF2538:00 PMHESP1 Etobicoke Dolphins1-2Whitby Wolves
PAA-Bronze2548:00 PMPAUD Aurora Panthers0-2Ottawa Ice
NB-Bronze2558:00 PMKARL Cambridge roadrunners3-2Guelph Jr. Gryphons
BB-CON2568:00 PMMALL Lindsay Lynx0-4Cambridge roadrunners
M/INT-CON2578:00 PMSPORTSN Waterloo Ravens 31-2Sudbury Chicks with Sticks
IA-CON2588:15 PMSWS Saugeen Maitland Lightning5-1Troy Sting
BB-SF2598:30 PMSWP Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-5West Oxford Inferno
IA-SF2608:30 PMHESP2 Guelph Jr. Gryphons0-1Kitchener Lady Rangers
Sunday, January 22, 2017
PA-SF2617:00 AMGALT North Bay Ice Boltz1-2Saugeen Maitland Lightning
PHL-Bronze2627:00 AMSPORTSN Ancaster Avalanche Maroon6-4Cambridge roadrunners Teal
ABB-Bronze2637:15 AMSPORTSS Waterloo Ravens0-1Grand River Mustangs
ABB-F2647:30 AMHESP2 Clearview Icecats0-2Lakeshore Lightning
NHL-F2657:30 AMPAUD Burlington Purple Bulls1-2Mooretown Lady Flags
PA-SF2668:00 AMGALT Cambridge roadrunners2-5Lakeshore Lightning
AHL-F2678:00 AMHESP1 Cambridge roadrunners Black0-1Oakville Panthers
BHL-Bronze2688:00 AMSPORTSN Cambridge roadrunners2-0Mississauga Chiefs
PB-Bronze2698:15 AMSPORTSS Cambridge roadrunners2-1Sudbury Lady Wolves
AA-F2709:00 AMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners1-2Wilmot Wolverines
NB-F2719:00 AMPAUD Sudbury Lady Wolves2-0Barrie Sharks
BA-Bronze2729:00 AMSPORTSN Saugeen Maitland Lightning 1-0Cambridge roadrunners
PBB-Bronze2739:15 AMSPORTSS Peterborough Ice Kats0-3Hamilton Hawks
PHL-F2749:30 AMHESP1 Mooretown Lady Flags1-4Waterloo Ravens 2
MA-Bronze27510:15 AMSPORTSN Sudbury Lady Wolves1-0North Bay Ice Boltz
AB-F27610:30 AMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners0-3Ancaster Avalanche
PB-F27710:30 AMPAUD Twin Centre Hericanes3-1Lakeshore Lightning
BB-Bronze27810:30 AMSPORTSS Peterborough Ice Kats3-1Guelph Jr. Gryphons
BHL-F27911:00 AMHESP1 London Silver0-2Grand River Mustangs
IA-Bronze28011:30 AMSPORTSN Guelph Jr. Gryphons1-2Etobicoke Dolphins
BBB-Bronze28111:45 AMSPORTSS Clarington Flames0-1Ancaster Avalanche
BBB-F28212:00 PMHESP2 Windsor Wildcats2-0Cambridge roadrunners
PBB-F28312:00 PMPAUD Wilmot Wolverines2-0Sudbury Lady Wolves
BA-F28412:30 PMHESP1 Windsor Wildcats1-0Sudbury Lady Wolves
MB-Bronze28512:45 PMSPORTSN Woolwich Wild2-1Niagara Rapids
PA-Bronze2861:00 PMSPORTSS North Bay Ice Boltz2-3Cambridge roadrunners
BB-F2871:30 PMHESP2 West Oxford Inferno2-0Belleville Bearcats
PAA-F2881:30 PMPAUD Etobicoke Dolphins5-1Mississauga Chiefs
MA-F2892:00 PMHESP1 Waterloo Ravens4-0Etobicoke Dolphins
MB-F2903:00 PMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners2-0North Bay Ice Boltz
PA-F2913:00 PMPAUD Saugeen Maitland Lightning0-1Lakeshore Lightning
IA-F2923:30 PMHESP1 Whitby Wolves1-2Kitchener Lady Rangers
M/INT-Bron2934:30 PMHESP2 Cambridge roadrunners MID0-3Cambridge roadrunners INT
M/Int-F2945:00 PMHESP1 Lakeshore Lightning2-1Burlington Green
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