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Skill Development:
Proper skill development helps players become more effective on the ice, boosts individual confidence, and enhances their ability to execute plays and strategies during games. Individual skill development is often based on proper technique and repetition, and focused in the following areas:

·     Skating – emphasis on speed, stride and edgework to allow for quick and effective player movement.
·     Stickhandling – the players ability to maneuver the puck for proper placement and execution of plays.
·     Shooting – the ability to quickly, forcibly and accurately place the puck on net.
·     Passing – the accurate sending and receiving of the puck to facilitate team play.


CrGHA 10,000 Touch Challenge:  Improve your stick handling with the CrGHA 10,000 Touch Challenge. Download the following file for details and instructions on how to get started. Use the provided chart to track your progress!

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CrGHA 10k Touch Challenge