Cambridge roadrunner Off-Season Workout Plan (Cambridge roadrunners Girls' Hockey Association)

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Cambridge roadrunner Off-Season Program

Off-season training is crucial for hockey player development and improvement, whether players are aspiring amateurs or seasoned professionals. Proper training allows players to focus on improving strength, skill and conditioning while changing their focus to individual improvement rather than team gameplay. Offseason workouts are often cited by top NHL players as a critical component of their on ice success, as seen in this video highlighting workouts by Sidney Crosby and Nathan MacKinnon.

To help prepare players for the upcoming season, the CrGHA has worked to prepare a simple and accessible training program that will help players increase their strength, conditioning, power and stickhandling skills.

Players who commit to this 4-Week Summer Training Program will see an increase in their strength, conditioning, power, and speed. The program can be modified to 8 weeks by repeating all exercises and no weights or gym membership is required! 

The workouts are organized into the following categories:
  • Workout A: Sprints and Acceleration
  • Workout B: Hockey Specific Leg Strength
  • Workout C: Aerobic and Core
  • Thursday: Stickhandling and Recovery
  • Workout D: Leg Strength and Power

For each day simply refer to the appropriate workout file below for instructions. For all stickhandling drills please refer to the stickhandling file listed below.

Be sure to post pictures of video of you doing your workouts on X or Instagram and use the #CrGHA hashtag so that everyone can see how you are working this summer!